How to shift from selfishness to a humanistic management model?

Join us for an online session about Sustainability with Sofia Santos

This webinar will raise some of the major issues that impact businesses and the world today: climate change and its impacts financial impacts in the economy; biodiversity losses and the potential lack of raw materials; the response from regulators towards obliging companies and the financial sector to be aligned with the 6 environmental EU objectives; and the new governance model in which sustainability can become recognized as a fiduciary duty of the CEOs.
Is it time to have companies with a social and environmental purpose and not only profit maximization?
Is profit maximization compatible with a sustainable business model?

Presented by


Sofia Santos

Sofia has a PhD from Middlesex University, UK, with a dissertation on how banks can contribute to sustainable development. She is a certified ESG analyst from the European Federation of Financial Analysts. She is a consultant in climate finance and sustainability for several Portuguese and international organisations. Sofia was the Secretary-General of BCSD Portugal and worked as a specialist in the Office of the Minister for the Environment and Energy Transition. She was the Coordinator of the Reflection Group for Sustainable Financing of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Transition, in partnership with the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Finance and is also the author of several books on the link between banking and sustainability.